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Thursday, June 17, 2010 Thursday, June 17, 2010

Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.
Bo Bennett

Cos it feels good to be doing something i like

Sunday, June 13, 2010 Sunday, June 13, 2010

To XH,

just want to let you know that even though you can't hold on to her anymore, there are still memories that can stay with you forever.

Treasure the present
Remember the past
Anticipate the future
And live life to the fullest

Saturday, May 29, 2010 Saturday, May 29, 2010

It was raining throughout the third day intermittently but we enjoyed the day too.
3rd Day: Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple is Temple at the sea and it is really literally at the sea! When the tide is low, you could really walk to the temple but when the tide is high, it will appear as a small island on its own! Amazing.

Well, lady luck was not exactly on our side that day so we could only watch it from the 'main island' and take photos. However, it was really fun and satisfying.

3rd Day: Lunch by the rice field

After the drenched trip to Tanah Lot, we went to a restuarant near Ubud, the shopping paradise. Well what can we say, we need energy to shop!! lol

There was rice field beside the restaurant and you feel so relax and peaceful as you were enjoying the meal. Of course, that was before the rain came again and the next moment i could feel chills and raindrops that were being blown through the huge 'window'. Luckily we were more or less sheltered as i have not finished my delicious meal.

3rd Day: Ubud

We went Ubud for shopping and the prices could be slashed more than 50%!!! lol well, the shops sell similar stuffs so our trip was a short one.

3rd Day: Dinner At Feyloon

Feyloon is a chinese restaurant near Kuta Square that sells really good food and again at great prices! The meal was sumptous and mouthwatering! Well but there is this singer on the stage singer Hokkien song that was really irritating. lol but nevertheless, we beared with it. lol He was awesome though.

The house carriage is one that i could see but cant ride on. But worth the trip cos i took photo with it. lol

4th Day: Shopping and Lunch

With the last bit of hours left before leaving for the airport, we went for some shopping near the villa and lunch plus delicious ice cream that i had been rattling on and on for the whole day.


A final Note:

Among the bustling city of Singapore
People are enjoying life while working hard towards this goal
Many had forgotten how it feels to be really simple
Where everything is just natural and simple
To the people in Bali,
There is no need to be extravagant, to be excellent, to be fantastic.
They just wanna be happy, simple and nice

We might be here, thinking about how to celebrate our greatest 21st birthday
But ppl might be there, thinking about how to put dinner on the table as they scrimp and save.
There are alot of things I have heard and saw but could not mention here
But there are still things we could learn from them.
They may be uneducated, isolated from the electronic epoch, but they are real and everyone's smile is just so simple and genuine.

We may be leaving food behind after we eat as we could not finish them
But they might be frowning over the lack of food for their babies

We may be trying to take MC so we could skip work or school
But they are praying not to be sick cos that would mean a lesser income

We might be basking under happiness and bliss and not know it
But they are trying their best to reach out for happiness and bliss and promise to treasure it with their true hearts.

Hence, while we are enjoying our lives now, we should treasure what we have today.
I'm very grateful.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

2nd Day : Breakfast

As seen from the above photos, breakfast is amazing and everyone of us has this excited look on our face as we are ready to venture into our Bali experience!

2nd Day: Gunug Kawa Temple

One of the tourist attractions in Bali are their temples. Its very different from the one that is formulating in your mind right now. Its more like huge stone craftings that are simply admirable.

The first one we went was the Gunung Kawa Temple which is an hour ride from our villa and we were all so 'ready' to exercise and stretch our legs as we arrived at the destination. However, we all wished we hadnt thought so as we were again, dumbstruck by the view in front of us- flights after filghts of stairs!

Well, the stairs are not exactly what you are imagining now. They are made of stones and needless to say, no handgrips by the side. Well, Arent we pampered?

All of that, including the sorching sun didnt really bothered me. What really bothered me was the butterflies!!!! Of all things, why butterflies?!! And there was this super huge species which was black and flying around and needless to say, I was definitely using more of my voice to scream in fear than the muscles in my legs to move.

Well, but as we reached to the bottom of the flights of stairs, the view just makes it worth while....

P.S. We have this pink sarong around us because it is compulsory.

Right after the flights of stairs down, we had to repeat this procedure in the opposite direction so in other words, my calf muscles had grown even bigger with this trip. Thanks loads -.-

2nd Day: Lunch By The Volcano

Im really refering to the Real Volcano and its the first time i had seen a Volcano right before my eyes! It took another hour to reach the Kintamani Volcano but it was all worth it. As usual, i was sleeping in the car and when i opened my eyes, i was really delighted by the volcanic view in front of me!! Awesome and mesmerizing!
We stopped over at a restaurant and it was so cooling as we were up on the mountain but of course not the peak. (The mountain is just a mountain, not the volcano) What we could see from the mountain is the volcano. The view is really jaw-dropping and the buffet was really cheap ($12/pax)!! Who can get such a great deal?! lol

2nd Day: Dinner At Ryoshii

Well, no pics for this cos we were just too hungry to take photos. Gobbling of food is strictly not allowed to be taken down.
Anyways, the Japanese food is really a good bargain but its just too salty for our tasting.

Photos for the 3rd day: Next post

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I have been back for two days but i had been resting over these two days due to the tiring yet enjoyable trip.

In case you haven know, I went Bali for 4 days 3 nights. This could be said to be the first time visiting there ever since a gazillion years when i was really young when my dad brought us there. Needless to say, all the memories of Bali were eradicated after the gazillion years. Hence, this trip was to make new memories and impression of Bali.

Before going, of course, I had an impression that it would somewhat be some rundown country where nothing is worth looking at except for the great-bargain-merchandises that simply makes me excited. Well, I was immediately proven wrong on the first day!

Well I have got to say, Bali gave alot of surprises to me and I'm gonna share them with you now.

1st day : Arrival

Upon the arrival to Bali, we managed to contact the driver we had engaged before the trip without much difficuties and within half an hour, we were on our way to the villa.

The shock of my life --- As I opened my eyes when I heard the driver annouced the arrival to the villa, I was definitely expecting some amazement. However, I was dumbstruck by the view in front of me.

Yea, my beautiful villa looks like that from the front. Couldnt really believe anything nice would be hiding behind these unfinished walls and grey cemented floor.

However, as we pluck out our courage to walk through the directed pavements, we were once again, proven wrong. There is really a beautiful sight!! Ain't I surprised.

Well, this is how it looks in the so called lobby of the villa. Its really awesome.
Photo hunt: Can you spot dawson in one of the photos?

1st Day: Dawson Swimming

Well, we checked in and entered into our villa 6 with evern greater surprises. It was really awesome to me.

Of course, Dawson is delighted by the swimming pool in the villa. Though its small, its totally ours!!!

1st Day: Dinner by the beach

The beach view is really mesmerizing and also difficult to tear your eyes from. lol. Not to mention the fact that the clouds looked as if they were shining brightly as the evening sun rays shone through them. The sea waves were also showing its magnificent self as it hits the shore majestically. What a sight. People around us were tourist who also had their eyes lingered on the beautiful view in front of them. The long stretch of beach were populated with people, either natives or tourists, masked under the warming evening sun rays and enjoying the sea breeze.

Some of the pictures are in my sister's video camera so for more details, you have to visit facebook. lol

1st Night: Planet Hollywood

Well, needless to say, women needs merchandise to live. Hence, we went to the famous Planet Hollywood to look for gifts and soveniours before heading back to rest.

For the post on the second day of the Bali experience, please wait for a moment. lol

Monday, May 17, 2010 Monday, May 17, 2010

I witnessed it yesterday
and it still touched my heart
til now

Its more than just a room with blessings
Its more than just a certificate
Its more than just the beautiful rings
Its love, promise, truthfulness, reliability and a true heart

May your love be as innocent as little children's love
May your love stay forever tied to your hearts

Its the happiness we want you to have

Thursday, May 13, 2010 Thursday, May 13, 2010

Its been a long and tiring journey
But we have made it through so far
Just glad that we are not apart
As we stick together as and when we are

Thanks for all the support from family and friends
For they are precious and priceless to me
Certainly hope for this to continue
Till the end where we will still not say goodbye
As we live in each others' heart

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